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Students’ code of conduct

The Board of Moscow School № 45
Chairman________________  Sergey Faldin
Minutes of the Meeting № 4

11th April, 2008
Headmaster of Moscow School № 45
_______________Mikhail Shneyder
Order № 35/3  
11th April, 2008


Students’ code of conduct

Government-Funded Educational Institution Moscow School №45

1. General Provisions
1.1 Rules of behaviour for students of Moscow School № 45 (henceforth the "Rules") set standards of behaviour for students in the premises and on the territory of the school. The purpose of the Rules - the creation of a working environment in the school, conducive to successful learning for each student, fostering respect for the individual and his rights, developing good behaviour and good communication skills.
1.2 This document has been prepared in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the current federal law "On education", the Model Regulations on the institution of general education and the Charter of the Moscow School № 45.
2. The rights of students
2.1. Students have the right to:
  • the implementation of all their constitutional and civil rights 
  • respect of their honour and dignity
  • freedom of expression
  • appeal to the school administration, teachers, and student government bodies for the protection of their rights
  • additional assistance from the teachers, if necessary
  • recreation: teachers cannot force the student to classroom work outside normal class hours
  • participation in the work of student self-government
  • the opportunity to make proposals for the  improvement of the performance of the school
  • select the profile of education (educational programmes that exist in the school), clubs, sections, etc. according to their abilities and interests
  • early notification of upcoming deadlines of examinations
  • exemption from training in case of valid reasons 
  • high-quality food and service in the cafeteria
  • use of the library and reading room, as well as places designated for studying
  • use the services of medical office and provision of the necessary drugs with the doctor's permission
  • an  impartial evaluation by criteria and right to appeal in case of disagreement with the marks given 
  • the opportunity to spend time between classes in the school yard ( during warmer months).
3. Responsibilities of students
3.1. General responsibilities
3.1.1. It is unacceptable to be late to class without a valid reason. Late students are admitted to class only after receiving approval at the reception (the teacher on duty).
3.1.2. All school students must have a uniform, and a pair of changing shoes. Wearing   apparel and jewelry, inappropriate with business dress code (business dress code is presented at the time of admission to school), is prohibited.
3.1.3. It is prohibited to bring into the building and the territory of the School and use in any way weapons, explosives, explosive - and flammable substances and objects, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drugs and other intoxicating substances, and toxic substances and poisons.
3.1.4. Smoking is strictly prohibited in school.
3.1.5. It is prohibited to leave the school or its territory during the classroom hours without the permission of the manager on duty or the Form teacher.
3.1.6. The students must attend classes in accordance with the schedule of classes. The illness of the student, confirmed by a medical certificate or a note from his/her parents (in case of absence for no more than two days with the notification of the form teacher), is a valid excuse for an absence. Other absences are acceptable only with the permission of the Headmaster of the school.
3.1.7. It is compulsory to bring sports uniform to P.E. and swimming lessons. Skipping P.E. and swimming lessons due to lack of uniform is considered absenteeism. 
Grade 5-9 students exempt from physical education or swimming must be present during a lesson (in the sports room, locker room, or recreation area).
3.1.8. Students must take care of the property of the School, property of other students, staff and visitors to the school.
3.2. Behaviour in the classroom
3.2.1. During the lesson, the student should have everything needed for the educational process in accordance with the requirements of the teacher.
3.2.2. During lessons it is prohibited to use objects that distract students from the educational process.
3.2.3. The student must honour academic honesty.
3.2.4. Student’s journals in grades 5-9 are compulsory.
3.3. Behaviour before, during breaks, and after school
3.3.1. To avoid injury, it is prohibited:
  • to run through the corridors, stairs, near the window openings and other places,  not suited for games;
  • to open the windows, sit on window sills;
  • to push each other, throw objects and use physical force
3.3.2. It is prohibited to use obscene language and gestures in the School;
3.3.3. Students, while in the cafeteria:
  • are subject to the disciplinary requirements of teachers on duty, cafeteria workers, students of the class on duty
  • observe the queue while obtaining food
  • clear the table after a meal
  • it is prohibited to eat food outside cafeteria. It is also forbidden to take utensils and cutlery out of the cafeteria.
4. Final condition
4.1. The date of adoption of this document to be considered May 23, 2008 - the date of approval of the Rules by the School Board, which is formed on the basis of "Regulations of the Board of Moscow School № 45 of Moscow Department of Education."
4.2. This document shall become effective upon publication on the internet site of the School, after which each student must comply with his/her duties and can defend his/her rights on the basis of this document.
4.3. Students, violating the Charter of Moscow School № 45 and these Regulations are subject to disciplinary proceedings under the Regulations on the incentives and penalties of students in Moscow School № 45, Moscow.